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D'Angelo's Six European Shows

Ahhh to be footloose and fancy free.  It was a few months back when promos for the first D’Angelo concerts in 10 years starting popping up on the internets, with rumblings of London and Paris shows being shrugged off by those of us who have been lying in wait for the past 10 years.  Well, a few months later, and with 3 sold out shows in Amsterdam and Stockholm, it appears it’s really happening.

The godfather of neo soul’s comeback seems to be imminent, with 1 or 2 interviews bubbling up a year or so ago and a couple of features and solo tracks making their way onto compilations and radio shows.  If ever I’d seriously considered a “destination concert,” D’ in Amsterdam might’ve been the toughest one to pass up.  Tickets to the Copenhagen, Paris and London shows are still available here, here and here.



Peter, Bjorn & John - “Eyes” (Live at Bardot in Miami)

With each passing day, my love for the music of the Swedish people grows.  After a hard time hustle, I managed to come up with a ticket to the sold out PB&J show at our favorite hang out in Miami, the illustrious Bardot.  And guess what, the seats were absolutamente primo.

I was forced to drink about a half a fifth of Stoli, but if memory serves me correctly, the show was absolutely phenomenal.  With a backdrop of humorous video vignettes, the trio jammed through a 12 or so song set, primarily made up of the choice partystarters from both Writer’s Block and of course this year’s Gimme Some.  Of course, “Young Folks” really got the ground going, but renditions of “Eyes” and “May Seem Macabre” probably had the crowd scratching their heads wondering how the group hasn’t had a little more commercial success.